About Wumu

About us

For business expansion and production site demand, Wumu bought a plot of land to build factory in Dadu and moved in 2007. Added new equipment and employees to increase productivity.

Companies which manufacture lead frame, packaging, connector and Light-emitting diode (LED) are our main client.


Except for new employees, every unit has senior staff who possesses 12 to 18-year experience. Abundant professional skills and manufacturing experience can provide our client high quality products.

Main Process

  • Connector Mold Components
  • Lead Frame Mold Components
  • Progressive Stamping Mold Components
  • Ceramic Grinding
  • Packaging Mold Components
  • Terminal Mold Components
  • Silicon Steel Plate Stamping Mold Components
  • Optics Mold Components

prospect of 2020

Pass ISO9001 Cerification, improve quality credibility
Set up international sales department,develope to global market